JioPhone Tops for Jio Users, Indian Feature Phone Market

Reliance Jio phone tops with 30% market share in the first quarter of the year in the Indian feature phone market.

In the Indian feature phone market, Reliance Jio is in the top position with 30% market share in the first quarter of 2019. Counterpoint Research has given this information on Friday. 

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Counterpoint Research’s ‘India Smartphone Market Share 2019 Quarter Quarter’ report said that while the smartphone market offers big opportunities, the 400 million feature of the Indian market can not be ignored by any of the users, which can be made for the next five years. Will remain. Samsung is at number two in the feature phone category with 15 percent market share, while Lava has secured third place with 13 percent market share. 

The report said that in the smartphone market where contraction was recorded for the first time in year 2018, feature phone market has been on continuous expansion since the last three years. In the beginning of March, the Counterpoint Research report said that 400 million smartphones will be sold in 2019. By the year 2021, this figure will reach one billion.

For the February-2019 Brokerage firm CLSA, the telecom sector’s Outlook said that jio will continue to be on top of the market share this year. 

In its Indian Telecom Report, where did CLSA know that in February, the number of mobile subscribers increased by 20 lakh and the total number was 118.4 crore, while Reliance Jio added 80 lakh new customers. Geo has now reached 30.6 million customer base across the country.

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