XSCamera: Record Privately

XSCamera is a very advanced and totally free app to record videos in the background without a preview, and with this background video recorder, you can record video even when the screen is locked (off).

It is an easy-to-use background video recorder app, so you can start the hidden camera recording with one click and there are too many configurations that let you customize it to fits your needs.

The main features of XSCamera:

· Unlimited number of records
· Unlimited duration of recording
· Supports all qualities: UHD, FHD, HD, SD
· Record with or without sound
· Record with or without flash
· Supports Android 13
· Can be used totally offline
· You can set a lock screen (passcode) to protect the app
· Check the available storage and RAM
· Record then turn the screen off and it continues recording
· Change the app theme so it looks like some other famous apps if someone is stalking your screen
· Both front and back cameras
· Different recording modes (totally hidden, mini-preview, logo-preview, progress bar preview)
· Record when making a phone call
· Schedule Records at specific times and dates
· Easily manage the recorded videos
· 100% FREE with all its features.


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