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Translate Telugu To English On Android 2021



Friends, Many of us have trouble speaking English on arrival as well as typing English on mobile. However, we can usually type in Telugu using our android mobile phone and translate it into English. This makes writing English much easier for those who are struggling with English arrival.


For this we must have an Android mobile phone. If we have a mobile phone, we can easily translate it. There are many types of applications available for us to translate in general in the Play Store as well as on the keyboard this feature is now available to everyone but how to use most.


That is why I will introduce you to a good application. Using this application you can easily type in Telugu and translate it into English. Let’s see how it is. For this you need to install an application on your mobile phone. Below you will find a link to this application. Click on it to open the Play Store and download and install it.

After this, if you open this application, you will find it very simple. From here you can select your own language and translate it into whatever Rani language you have. For example, suppose you do not speak English. You can select the Telugu language here and translate it into English.


You can share the translated ones from Telugu to English. This application is very useful for you.

 So, you can comment if you have any doubts about it 😊


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