Please shut down the internet before searching for something on Google and then see what happens

Google makes a lot of work easier for us. If something needs to be learned about something, then Google runs fast. We think that without internet Google is not of any use to us, but this is not true. On Google, we can play games without internet. What to do for this can be seen in the video of the hacks queen . First of all, turn off your phone’s internet. After this, you will find something like ‘mobile data is off’ as soon as you search something on Google. Next to this you will see a game icon, tap on it. 

As soon as you tap on it, the game will open in front of you. This game is very fun and interesting to play. If seen, its interface is too colorful. The game was played even before the internet was closed, but the game was not black and white and so much interesting. 

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