Over the next 50 years, Facebook will be on more dead users account than live users

A study related to Facebook has shown that in the next 50 years, social media sites can find something very different. Studies have shown that in the next 50 years, the number of accounts of the dead users on Facebook will be more than the accounts of the live users. This study journal has been published in Big Dala and Society. According to the study, by the year 2100, about 140 million Facebook users will die and according to this, 2070 will be accounts of more deceased users than Facebook users living by 2070.

Karl O’Mon, who is associated with the study, said, “The figures that emerged are also raising a big question about who has the rights to all data of dead users. How to manage it in the best way. This data will be given to the best friends of the family or users or to the future historians, so that they can understand the past. ‘ He said, ‘It is clear that our digital residues will affect every person on social media because it is clear that we all have to die one day and our data will fall back on social media.’

Carl said, “Profiles of deceased users will be a big part of their lives and it is clear that they will be seen later as a global digital heritage.” During this study, analysts considered two conditions and wanted to check how the future would be trends. In the first case, it was assumed that after 2018, no new users are joining Facebook, and most of the dead users will be from Asia by the end of this century, of which they will share about 44 percent. In the second case, it is believed that users will continue to associate with Facebook at the rate of 13 percent, and most of the dead users will be in Africa by 2100.

Considering Facebook’s growth rate, the number of dead users can reach up to 490 million by 2100, if new users are connected. Karl clarified that this is not an estimate and analyzed based on current data, which will affect social media in future. He said, ‘Facebook is just an example. We want to draw attention to the data, which leaves us in digital space after death of users. It will continue to affect the connectivity of the platform and the global reaches.’

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