IT Ministry writes to the company about sharing videos related to sexual harassment on WhatsApp

Ministry has written a letter asking for a reply from Whatsapp that what he is doing to stop child sexual abuse videos

Referring to a report by the Cyber ​​Peace Foundation, the Ministry of Information has asked the question of Whatsapp, what are they doing to stop sharing videos related to child sexual abuse? This report said that Whatsapp has thousands of such groups on which child sexual harassment videos are being shared.

The Ministry of Information Technology has asked the messaging app to take steps to stop the misuse of the forum. The sources related to this development told PTI that the Ministry of Information Technology has asked Whatsapp, what is his plan to deal with this problem. The Ministry has also stated in its letter that clear steps need to be taken to prevent misuse of this platform. 

When asked about this via Whatsapp, it shared a link to some common questions (FAQs). It states that the app is a policy of not tolerating sexual harassment at all.

company has said, ‘Our policy is to ban such users on Whatsapp, which they know about exploitation of children and Share threatening video to them … Whatsapp has a dedicated team, which includes law enforcement, online safety policy and experts related to investigation. 

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