Google has removed 100 apps from Google Play Store, more than 60 million times downloaded

Given the danger of cyber attack, the application made by Chinese app developer from Google has been removed from Google Play Store. The risk of data theft was also felt by the developers of Google ‘s Developers named DO Global, which led to the removal of them. The big part of the company is Baidu’s Chinese Internet search engine and its application was downloaded approximately 60 million times before it was removed.

On Friday, BuzzFeed reported that 46 of these apps have already been removed from the Play Store. Google can also completely ban the DO Global The rest of this app is also being removed gradually On behalf of Google, “We periodically check the application’s messages (dangerous or unusual) behavior, and action is taken even when there is a disturbance. In this case, the app developer can not earn from their app and if necessary, it is removed from the Play Store.

With this, Google has also banned the ads appearing on the developers’ Android. According to the report, ‘DO Global Application Google’s AdMob network cannot offer any advertisement’. Let’s say, this Chinese developer claims that there are 25 million monthly active users on the app, and with the help of the Android-Aid platform it has access to 80 million users.

It has been said in the report that removal of the developer’s application from the Play Store is one of the biggest bands. Especially few cases of a single developer’s removal of so many apps have come up. Let’s say, Do Global Chinese company is a part of Baidu and it was separated in 2018. Baidu owns about 34 percent of the company’s shares.

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