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Free borewell



In AP, Jagan Sarkar is ramping up welfare schemes. The government, which has already implemented 90 per cent of the guarantees, has recently fulfilled another crucial promise. YSSAR has taken another crucial decision as part of its Farmer Assurance Scheme to support narrow, small car farmers. The Department of Rural Development has announced the implementation of a free borewells program for farmers. Panchayati Raj and Rural Development Chief Secretary Gopalakrishna Dwivedi issued the orders.

Duty policies on the implementation of the scheme have also been announced. Before drilling the borehole, a hydro-geological and geophysical survey is conducted on the farmer’s field. After that the bores are laid. The farmer should have a minimum of 2.5 acres and a maximum of 5 acres of land. Otherwise the farmers were given the opportunity to drill a hole with the neighbors if they did not have much land. Moreover, no previous bore well construction should have been undertaken on that land.

Beneficiary can apply for the bore well at the village secretariat or directly online with a copy of the graduate pass book and Aadhaar card. The Panchayat Secretary will then conduct a field level inspection. The application then goes to the MPDVO for approval. The MPDVOs provide the lists of selected farmers throughout the district to the Duma PDs. Bore well sanction information is communicated to the farmers through the village secretariat.



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