Audi A4 car is expensive than Sony’s TV

The price of this TV is so that you can buy a 4K OLED TV and an Audi A4 or a BMW 3 Series car, and you still have money left over.

Besides TV set Japanese company to make known worldwide Sony Corporation has now announced the launch of a TV, worth more than an Audi A4 from expensive cars in the world. This 98-inch OLED 8K TV will be launched in June 2019. 

Sony 98-inch Master Series is the top of the Z9G company’s list of 8K TVs. The price of this TV launch in June is $ 70,000 (about 50 lakh rupees). If you look at its cost, then you can get a 4K OLED TV and an Audi A4 or BMW 3 Series car and you will still have money left over. 

The Master Series Z9G TV has a Sony X1 ultimate processor which handles 33 million pixels and gives 8K output. According to the company, X1 Chip has given a technology that will analyze all the objects in a picture in 8K resolution. BUKES who invest in this TV will get 8K Experience. In this case, buyers will also get Affordable Range, but they have to settle with 4K.

If you talk about 8K resolution TVs then the 85 -inch TVs have been priced at about $ 13,000 (about Rs 10 lakhs). For the 98-inch TV you have to spend 50 lakh rupees. Let me also tell you that last week Sony has given information about PlayStation 5 which will support 8K content and it will be launched in 2020.

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